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A unique bub­ble-shoot­ing, blob-pop­ping ad­ven­ture awaits you in Petri: Blobs from Space!

Put on your lab coat and en­ter Petri Labs as an extraterrestrial life re­searcher. Match alien blobs by color and blast away the black blobs at the cen­ter of the dish. Try all 3 game modes that offer different gameplay experiences.

Ways to play:

• Ar­cade mode - Hur­ry and get to the cen­ter be­fore the timer runs out!

• Dai­ly puz­zle mode - Can you get in the Top 5 in the dai­ly chal­lenge?

• End­less mode - Chill out and make match­es with no time lim­it.

• Play on your wrist! (Apple Watch 4 and high­er)

What peo­ple are say­ing:

"A to­tal­ly new take on bub­ble shoot­ers and match-3 me­chan­ics!"

"It feels so alive... and so cute."

"Awe­some game. I've al­ready played it for 2 hours."

So what are you wait­ing for? Try Petri: Blobs from Space! to­day!

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Cute game! Are there any plans to port it to the android store or steam?


Unfortunately, we built it specifically for the Apple ecosystem, so that it could run on the iPad and Apple Watch as well. Maybe someday!