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Find your path!

In King’s Path Solitaire, all the cards are on the table. Your task is to find descending paths starting with each King. Solve the puzzle by finding paths that cover every card. This fresh take on the solitaire genre allows for quick play sessions, but plenty of strategy.


  • Unique pathfinding mechanic
  • Every deck is beatable
  • Daily Puzzle and Daily Deck modes
  • Adventure mode with almost 200 puzzles
  • Free Play mode that puts you in control

Available on the App Store:

Updated 6 days ago
AuthorBeep Yeah!
GenreCard Game

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is Android version going to be realesed in the future? 

It's out! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beepyeah.kings_path_solitaire

Thank you so much!!👏


This looks like my kind of game! Can't wait!