Some helpful excerpts from A WORKER'S GUIDE:

"You are a bio-generated power-core-recovery worker..." (pg. 1) 
"...can move up, down, left, or right..." (pg. 3) 
"The Freeze Ray is a worker's best friend...keep it charged!" (pg. 10)

"Space Spiders...can be frozen or unfrozen with your Freeze Ray." (pg. 13) 
"Space Larvae grow into Spiders instantaneously when frozen!" (pg. 17) 
"...Larvae are scared, but Spiders are very curious." (pg. 18)

"Space bugs can sometimes trap workers who aren't careful..." (pg. 20) 
"...they are not intelligent, and will only hurt you if you walk into them." (pg. 21)


Made (way behind schedule) for #7DRL 2018 

By Tom Brinton @brintown


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